Virtual Wedding Planning in Jamaica

Virtual Wedding Planning with
Helen G

Weddings are beautiful in Jamaica. Jamaica is one of the most beautiful and famous places in the world to get married because there are so many location and vendor options to choose from to suit any wedding budget.

There are also a multitude of decoration ideas that you can do that are available that can transform your chosen location into something magical. Friends and family gather from near and far to help you celebrate the beginning of this new stage of your life. The day and ceremony is perfect. That’s the goal.

In reality, that one perfect day is the result of a lot of hard work, careful planning and a strict adherence to a well crafted timeline.

You could do all the planning yourself. Make all the big and small decisions, arrange for vendors to provide the food, music and everything else you haven’t even considered yet. The stress can become overwhelming.

Luckily, there is help. You can book A virtual wedding planner from Helen G Events which has over 16 years wedding planning expereince in Jamaica and this can help you with all the details. Like creating a virtual wedding timeline which is essential to keep you on track. Your personal virtual Wedding Planner will work with you to find vendors and plan your timeline so everything happens when it should.

If you are a DIY type person you probably never considered getting help with the planning and organizing of your wedding. However, it saves considerable time and personal stress if you do accept help. Something as simple as creating a personalized timeline with a professional that will help streamline the whole wedding process.

Your virtual wedding planner at Helen G Events has the experience to know exactly what makes a wedding a spectacular event. We will bring to your attention many small details that you may have over looked. Then with your help, your planning expert will create a timeline for you and your vendors to follow. Finally, the week of your wedding, they will contact your vendors to make sure everything is on track.

Weddings are beautiful but the stress of doing everything yourself can be overwhelming. With a little help from your virtual wedding planner at Helen G you can have your perfect wedding day without all the stress.

Virtual Wedding Planning with Helen G Events. over 16 years destination wedding planning experience.

Top Wedding Cake Trends in Jamaica


Just like bridal dresses, wedding cakes can also be trendy or obsolete. A traditional wedding cake for younger Jamaicans is usually a white vanilla or some other flavoured cake in towering stacked layers. For older Jamaicans you can’t have a wedding without some fruit cake or black cake.

As summer wedding season draws to a close, let’s take a look at some of the wedding cake trends we’ve seen so far. Plus the ones we’ll be tasting in 2020 – 2021

Our top wedding cake trends are:

  1. Floral Wedding Cakes – Having a floral wedding cake with all the new wedding cake techniques will transform your wedding cake into a blooming,flowery masterpiece for your wedding in Jamaica.69955547948e0c8afc7b40b3090e83d5printed-roses-wedding-cake-idea

  2. Hand-painted Wedding Cake Trends  – Not a fan of the bold, dramatic approach to a wedding cake design? You’ll adore this current trend that is popping up everywhere at the moment – a misty, subtle touch of colour to add a softness to a traditional, white wedding cake. Try pairing your chosen colour to the shade of the flowers on top, to create the elegant illusion that one is melting into the other.


3. Botanical-themed Wedding Cakes – Many bride and grooms have traded flowers for ferns as decoration for their cake. In place of the pastel petals are crisp, elegant, green leaves, which add a new dimension to its shape and colour. This cake trend is ideal for a modern wedding, to help create a natural and clean colour palette.


4. Geometric Structures and Details –  We have seen surge in popularity of the geometric wedding cake. Precise lines and immaculate detailing creates the most striking, yet understated, effect for decoration. 2019 has seen this trend be experimented with from the pattern of the icing, to the actual body of the cake. In this case, it really is all in the details.

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5. Metallic Wedding Cake Trend – Metallic hues are certainly not a new trend when it comes to weddings, however, in 2019 the bronze effect has never been more popular. A nod to the rustic chic trend that has dominated weddings over the past few years, the bronzed wedding cake is a subtle and modern development from the metallic designs that we have seen in the past. Not as garish as gold, and not as subtle as silver, the bronze effect is always a showstopper.


6. Mosaic Designs – For many Jamaicans it may not be their first choice but for many they want something different. This style takes the geometric trend to the next level in wedding cake design. With echoes of Morocco and the Middle East, these ornate designs add an exotic dimension to any traditional wedding cake, as well as being visually striking. Whether you choose to emulate this trend in white icing or coloured, the effect is equally beautiful.


7. New Flavours for Wedding Cakes

This year for Jamaican Weddings as it was in 2018 and 2019 there has seen a huge movement away from the traditional fruit cake and flavours of vanilla, strawberry and lemon, and instead has replaced them with flavours far more exciting and a little unexpected. Other flavours that are popping up in wedding cakes around the world are pistachio, pink champagne (below) and lime, which all add a beautiful flavour and pastel shade to a simple sponge.

8. Alternative Wedding Cakes

From cheese cakes (cakes made out of actual cheese) to fruit cakes (cakes made of actual fruits) to doughnut towers, taking a step away from a traditional wedding cake is as popular as ever.


9. Vegan Wedding Cakes – With quite a few persons with food allrergies if you want to ensure your wedding cake is inclusive to guests with dietary and allergy restrictions? Get yourself a vegan wedding cake! There are a few bakers in Jamaica now offering vegan wedding cakes. That number I am sure will increase in months to come, which means sourcing the perfect edible showstopper is easier than ever before. Choose from rainbow cakes and naked cakes, to more traditional, multi-tiered creations – the world’s your oyster.



10 Ways You’re Being a Bad Wedding Guest


I saw this information written by Nicole Harris on Martha Stewart Weddings and I had to repost it. I work with alot of couple whose wedding is made a lot more stressful because of the reasons listed below and sadly alot of wedding guests don’t see it as a big deal some of the things they do:

A bride and groom put lots of time, energy, and resources into planning a picture-perfect wedding. That’s why guests should respect the couple (and the effort that put into their nuptials) by practicing stellar wedding etiquette and avoiding any major social faux pas. Not sure how to behave? If you’re doing any of the ten things below, you may be unintentionally being a bad guest.

Not responding to the RSVP.

Everyone has a busy schedule, and sending back your wedding RSVP is something that might slip your mind, especially if you have to consult with your significant other or boss about the date. But RSVPing past deadline, or failing to respond at all, creates a stressful dilemma for the couple who need an accurate headcount for their vendors. Save them from having to call to inquire about whether or not you’ll be there by promptly sending your response card.


Bringing an uninvited plus-one.

Thinking about bringing your new boyfriend to the celebration? Unless your invitation permitted indicated that you were invited with a plus-one, plan to ride solo for the night. There a variety of different reasons why a couple may not be able to accommodate an additional guest at their venue, or else they may have wanted to celebrate with only their nearest and dearest in attendance.


Not following the dress code.

If the invitation called for cocktail attire, don’t show up in a formal floor-length gown. It’s also rude to wear anything that’s too flashy or revealing, no matter what the dress code is, as you’ll draw attention away from the couple. And it should go without saying that a guest should never wear a white dress to a wedding, even if it’s cocktail-length or covered in a pattern.


Drinking too much.

It’s okay to indulge at the open bar, but don’t go overboard. The bride and groom shouldn’t have to deal with an unruly, disruptive, and overserved guest on their wedding day.


Complaining about anything.

The chicken dinner may taste extremely bland, but don’t express your disapproval since those negative reviews may find their way back to the couple. The same rule goes for the rest of the wedding’s details, like the décor, reception music, and venue—if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.




Constantly pulling out your phone.

Snapping a few pictures at the reception isn’t a problem, but being glued to a screen during the ceremony is rude, especially if the couple has indicated they’d prefer a phone-free celebration. Don’t worry about missing “the” shot—the couple hired a photographer for a reason, and if you’re trying to document every big moment on your phone, you’re probably going to be in their way.


Raising concerns with the couple.

Got lost on your way to the ceremony? Sitting in traffic and worried you might be late? Don’t call or text the bride or groom. They’ll be busy getting ready and taking pictures, and they shouldn’t have to worry about any issues involving guests. Instead, contact the maid of honor, best man, another guest, or the couple’s wedding planner.


Switching seats at the reception.

Never try to switch assigned seats at the reception, even if you’re unhappy with the location. The bride and groom spent hours planning their seating chart, and having you change locations will throw everything off. Remember that you’ll only be sitting during dinner—you can make it through an hour sitting with anyone.


Giving an unexpected toast.

Unless the bride or groom has asked you to give a toast, don’t clink your glass and command the room. The couple likely put much thought into their toasts, and an impromptu speech will rub them the wrong way.


Requesting a song.

If the DJ asks for song requests, go for it! But if not, don’t ask him to play a particular song, since the couple may have a predetermined playlist.


Food for thought??? Let us know what you think about the information above.

Requirements for Getting Married in Jamaica for Foreign Nationals


Jamaica is an unforgettable location to have your wedding and as Destination Wedding Planners in Jamaica for the last 17 years part of what we do before the wedding ceremony is getting together and applying for  the legal documents so that foreign nationals who choose to get married in Jamaica can do so legally.

For foreign nationals or persons who are citizens of countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States who want to get married in Jamaica all that is required is English translated and notarized or certified copies of the following documents along with the appropriate fees:

  1. Proof of Citizenship: Notarized Birth Certificate for both parties
  2. Notarized Copies of your passport picture page
  3. If Divorced Notarized copies of your divorce decree
  4. If Widowed Notarized copies of the death certificate

Once all these documents are presented, we can apply for your marriage licence and get your marriage certificates done and have everything sent to you after your destination wedding in Jamaica.

For persons who both or one party are citizens from countries such as Italy, Russia, Germany, Portugal etc. there are some additional steps that are needed once the wedding ceremony is over. They are:

  1. Original Copies of the marriage certificates need to be taken into the Ministry of Foreign affairs to be stamped. Currently the cost is J$750 per document to stamped and there is a waiting period of 3 to 5 days.
  2. After the documents have been stamped an appointment needs to be made at the appropriate Consulate in Jamaica and the marriage certificates taken in to be stamped for Legalization. Each Consulate in Jamaica will have their own fee structure to stamp each marriage certificate.

Here is a recent example below of one we did for one of our couples who braved coming to Jamaica during the COVID-19 pandemic once Jamaica opened is borders to foreign nationals. As shown the certification and legalization are done on the back of the marriage certificate:


If you have any other questions or need help with getting together all the documents needed for your wedding in Jamaica please feel free to contact us:

Email: heleng@helengevents.com

Telephone: 876-541-7772 / 718-880-4067


Helen G Bridal Boutique Sale

wedding dress sample sale worthing sussex Whyte Weddings Bridal Boutique

All designer Rental Wedding Dresses in Jamaica only J$40000.00 at Helen G Bridal Boutique for just one day on Wednesday August 26th.

Save the date, SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT and join us for our Wedding Wednesday Sale. All designer wedding dresses for rental only $40000. Special surprises for the first 10 brides that book their dream designer wedding dress.

Location: Helen G Bridal Boutique is located at 39 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston. Inside Eden Gardens.

Time: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Please schedule an appointment by visiting www.helengbridal.com

*Conditions Apply*


Bridal Fashion Night Out

Bridal Fashion Night Out 2


All roads lead to Eden Gardens on Sunday July 28th for the Ultimate One Day Wedding Event. Our Bridal Fashion Night Out and our Make Your Day Wedding Planning Workshop.
There is something for everyone: Brides, Grooms, Mother of the Bride, friends of the bride and more
We have an informative day planned at our workshop and an exciting evening and night planned for you that includes Cocktails, fashion show by Helen G Bridal , live entertainment, prizes galore, cake and food tastings, meet some of our fabulous wedding vendors and shop the night away.

Brides who attend this workshop will each receive a gift bag and qualify to win a number of valuable prizes such as a wedding cake, wedding photos, free wedding dress rental, bridal party flowers and much more.
At our Wedding Planning Workshop get money saving and wedding planning tips, See Live Make Up and Hair Demos, Sample, Cake and Food from our Favorite Vendors, Get Wedding Flowers and Decor and Video and Photography tips and much more.
This workshop is about getting hands on wedding planning help. Regular Cost $5000 (includes gift bag for brides, lunch, cocktails and workshop materials and free access to our Brides Night Out)
Register 24 hours a day online for the workshop
Tickets are available at:

All Mega Mart Locations Islandwide @megamartjamaica
Fontana Pharmacy Barbican @fontana_pharmacy
All Genius Pharmacy Locations in Portmore
At our office during business hours at Eden Gardens 39 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston

Online from First in Line Ja  https://firstinlineja.com/event/bridal-fantasy-fashion-night-out-kingston-st-andrew-parish-jamaica

Bridah Fashion Night Out Main FlyerMake Your Day

Wedding Dresses in Jamaica


Getting married in Jamaica?? Look your best in a designer wedding dress from Helen G Bridal. Helen G one of Jamaica’s leading wedding planners is now offering wedding dresses for rent or purchase in Jamaica.
Helen G Bridal Boutique offers Designer Wedding Dresses in Jamaica and provides brides with an unparalleled dress selection as well as excellent customer service.
Walk in or call and make an appointment today to find your dream wedding dress now.
Address: 39 Lady Musgrave Road
                 Suite 19

                 Inside Eden Gardens

Telephone ☎️: 876-847-1967 / 876-540-8447

Open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday and by appointments Sunday’s.


Bridal Fantasy 2019

Bridal Fantasy Devon House

Save the date and join us for Bridal Fantasy by Helen G Events on Sunday January 27, 2019 on the East Lawns and in the Formal Gardens of Devon House.
Come out and enjoy our Wedding Market where you can come out and meet some of the top wedding vendors in Jamaica. You will be able buy and book wedding services from these vendors. We will also be having live entertainment, a bridal fashion show, a kiddie’s village and a number of couple related games such as The Nearly Newly Weds Game, the Ultimate KISS Off and Couples Dance Off Contest and much more with very lucrative prizes such as a weekend for two at an all-inclusive resort. We will post the link shortly to receive complimentary tickets and for couples to sign up to register for these games.
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Cost Wedding Market Only:
Cost Adults: $1000
Children: $500
(each adult ticket will be given one vote in the Design a Dress Finale)
We also have our Bridal Fantasy Wedding Fashion Show and Design a Dress Finale from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. At the Fashion Show we will have wedding fashion from a number of local wedding dress designers and Bridal Boutiques as well as live entertainment. Social Media will vote for our top 5 and the public will be voting onsite along with our panel of judges to help us pick the winner from our wild card and top 5 selection. Also Social Media and the audience will select the designer for our people choice award.
Wedding Market & Fashion Show Regular Tickets: $1500
Wedding Market & Fashion Show VIP Tickets which include cocktails: $3000 (each attendee will be given one vote in the Design a Dress Finale)
Bridal Fantasy 2019 also comprises of our Make Your Wedding Planning Workshop from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. where brides will be learning to plan a wedding from start to finish plus they will be winning amazing prizes and seeing great demos and enjoying lunch and tastings from some great vendors.
All Inclusive Regular Tickets Cost $4500.00: includes workshop materials, lunch and access to the wedding market and Bridal Fantasy Fashion Show and Design A Dress finale
All Inclusive VIP Tickets Cost: $6500: includes workshop materials, lunch and access to the wedding market and VIP Access with cocktails and preferred seating at Bridal Fantasy Fashion Show Design A Dress finale
Tickets will be available as of December 1, 2018 at the following locations:
Helen G Events
Fontana Pharmacy Barbican
Brides can sign up now to get a free ticket for our wedding market by using the link below:
It is going to be exciting so come on out.

Our Top 10 Wedding Budget Tips

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Jamaica Weddings App

Helen G Events launched a Jamaica Weddings App on April 6, 2018. Really if you are getting married in Jamaica your wedding planning should start here with the Jamaica Weddings App. The app was designed specifially for brides planning their destination wedding in Jamaica and who needs help getting wedding information in Jamaica.

The Jamaica Weddings App features wedding deals and specials for persons getting married in Jamaca. On the app you can also find wedding vendors in Jamaica along with lots of wedding planning tips and advise. This app is the best free wedding app for persons on the go while wedding planning.

The new app also allows brides-to-be and others planning awedding (or just dreaming about one), to save and share the inspiration they find while on the go by snapping photos.

Our other affiliated links are:



The app can be download now for your Apple and Android Devices.