Mind Your Manners

For wedding etiquette does matter. At Helen we believe being gracious hosts guarantee very happy guests. Here are some ways you can be gracious hosts:

1. Pick your wedding date carefully

2. Don’t make guests wait

3. Think your menu through

4. Cover all the weather bases

5. Keep your guests budgets in mind when you register for gifts

6. Be thoughtful about seating single guests – this can be tricky, do you seat them all together or sprinkle them across the room. If you don’t have enough single guests to fill one table, make sure you seat them at a table where they will know other people. Another option is to ask them at which table they would like to sit, this way they will be comfortable. If budget is not an issue you can also allow them to take a guests.

96 Replies to “Mind Your Manners”

  1. the last one i attended the bride had to rush her reception…as she only had the venue for a few hours, as there was going to be another event in the ballroom…..that threw off the event.

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