Requirements For Getting Married In Jamaica

Before you can get married in Jamaica, there are certain requirements which must be fulfilled. Don’t worry, they are not difficult. Here’s the list:

1. You must arrive on the island at least 24 hours before the wedding ceremony

2. You must have a marriage licence, which should be obtained prior to your arrival. To obtain a marriage licence, certain documentation is required. They are listed below:

1.  Full Names
2. Marital status
3. Occupation
4.  Age
5. Father Name
6. Copy of Birth Certificate
7. Photo page of Passport or D/License

The Information requested is for both parties. If divorced you will need a copy of the divorce decree.


59 Replies to “Requirements For Getting Married In Jamaica”

  1. a officiant of your choice may conduct the ceremony, BUT a local marriage officer MUST be present to sign the marriage form and also to make the official marriage prouncements

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