Eye Do’s

I read some of these tips in an article years ago in a bridal magazine and a few are from personal experience with brides:

1. Never wax your brows the day of or day before your big day. You just may get burned by hot wax and its never a good look. I would say give yourself a week

2. 3 to 6 months before: As hard as it may be to resist, dont pluck or wax your brows during this period. Why? You want to grow your brows out completely so that a pro can find your perfect shape come wedding day.

3. 2 months before get lusher lashes with an eye lash conditioning cream. This help promote growth and make lashes look thicker.

4. For eyelash extensions please do not wait until wedding week to do this for the first time. You just may not like it. Do oh do try it at least once 2 t0 4 months before the big day to see if this is the look you are after and if this is the right person who will do a good job of it come wedding day.

5. If you have sensitive skin please forgo waxing and try threading which is  a more gentler process that devotees like myself believes gives a more cleaner and more defined shape.


52 Replies to “Eye Do’s”

  1. As a bride to be, before you can even consider what make-up look you are going to wear for your wedding day, you need to pay attention to the shape of your eyebrows

  2. Scruffy, unkept brows create a masculine look, which most women don’t realise until they have actually shaped their brows and see how elegant their eye area can actually look.

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