Gift Ideas For Your Groom

Below is a list of gift ideas or things you can do for your groom come wedding day:

1. If your groom is into wines a special bottle of wine or even a special bottle champagne would be a good gift

2. If he is a foodie something especially prepared by the chef for him at the reception
3. A special gift presented to him (cuff links, watch etc engraved, something he wants)
4.  A grooms cake in the shape of something he likes
5.  Order special breakfast at the hotel to be sent to the room he is staying in that day
6. You can also place a special message or poem for him in the wedding program
7. If you are a singer you could sing to him at the reception or you can get a vocalist to do a song dedicated to him at the reception
8. If he is into massages etc. you can treat him to some spa services
9. If he loves working with his hands you can probably get him some tool he has been wanting

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