Escort Cards – 5 Things To Know

1. An escort card is often confused with a place card.  Whats the difference? An escort card indicates guest table assignments while place cards are found on tables and tell guests where to sit.

2.  Arrange the cards in alphabetical order of your guests last names.

3. Position them near the entrance of the cocktail hour venue (but not at the door) or in the center of the space, so guests can approach from all sides. Not doing a cocktail hour?  The table can be placed near the reception entrance but not at the door.

4. For a couple, one escort card will do.

5. For formal weddings use titles (Dr., Mr and Mrs) for casual weddings first and last names only are ok


52 Replies to “Escort Cards – 5 Things To Know”

  1. You could also get frosted votive candleholders and use clear labels on which to print the names and table assignments. Your guests would then take the lighted candles to the table adding to the table decor.

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