The first dance song rated more important than best man’s speech

We found this article  from weddings magazine and thought we would share:

Having a memorable wedding means it’s essential to choose the perfect soundtrack for your first dance

 We all have our favorite songs to listen to while driving in the car, relaxing in the garden or for jigging to in the kitchen, but when it comes to deciding on a suitable tune for your first dance, it can be more difficult.

And the pressure is on to find the best melody for the job as research undertaken by PRS for Music showed that when it comes to the big day, the wedding guests consider the music played for the first dance to be more important than the best man’s speech!

Stars such as Beyoncé, Take That, Madonna, David Bowie, ABBA and Barry White were among the most popular artists to be played at weddings. But it was the tender lyrics of Amazed by Lonestar that won the poll for the best first dance tune.

Commenting on the results, Ellis Rich, chairman of PRS, says: “The song played for the first dance tends to make weddings more memorable and can inevitably prove to be the icing on cake.”

So what song will get your toes tapping on your special day? To help inspire you, here is a list of the top first dance songs, suggested by 2,000 people surveyed across the UK.

1. Lonestar – Amazed 

2. Aerosmith – Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

3. Shania Twain – From This Moment On 

4. Bryan Adams – Everything I do (I Do It For You) 

5. Take That – Rule The World


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