Whats Hot Right Now!!!

1. Mixing things up, blending various sizes and shapes of tables and centerpieces to add intrigue and avoid the standard feel.

2. Linens Linens Linens!!!! Mixing it up and using different colours and fabrics are so hot right now. We are so loving that right now.  Visit www.hgpartyrentals.com for a look at whats new in linens

3. Colour Colour Colour. Dont be afraid.  Lots of brides are using colour to reflect their personalities and its looking so wonderful.

4. Arranging for food and or flowers to be donated post wedding.


Unique Wedding Sites

Venues such as offices, car showrooms,  stores and other industrial and corporate spots can be a fun idea for couples wanting an out-of -the ordinary event location.

Unique Boutonniere’s

Today’s boutonniere doesn’t have to be floral at all. There are unique pin – ons now available made out of metal, dice or other unexpected materials that highlight hobbies, personalities and professions.

How To Get Perfect Alterations For Your Dress

All wedding gowns will require alterations to fit perfectly. For great results bear this in mind:

1.  Taking a dress in is always more feasible than letting it out. If you buy a custom dress it will be ordered in a size that accommodates your largest measurements (hip, waist or bust), then taken in by an in house tailor over three fitting sessions.

2. Choose a talented tailor. You need someone with experience. Ask around at reputable bridal shops or fabric stores for suggestions. Ask them for references or photos of their work.

3. Go prepared to your appts. For example bring your shoes, veil and undergarments that you will wear under your dress.

4. Allow enough time. Ideally fitting should begin three to four months before your wedding.

Hairstyle That Doesnt Look Stiff But Will Last

One hairstylist suggests that the key is to choose a style that works with your hair naturals texture. Long and short don’t curl  very straight hair, dont straighten curly hair. This way you wont need so many products to keep your hair in place as it’s the build up of products that leads to a stiff glued look.

Also a few strategically placed booby pins can help hold hair in place thus reducing the need for too much hairspray.

Unexpected Guest Book Ideas

Loved ones and friends can pen their well wishes on a  small wooden bench for your porch or verandah as we call it in Jamaica.  Also a bright canvas can be used which you can frame afterwards.

Another option is a Rolodex style guest book. Cards in an array of patterns and colours are available and guests can write messages to the couple on one side and their contact information on the other. Clear plastic card sleeves will protect these for years to come.