A Wedding Day Kit Every Bride Should Have

As seen on yahoo.com:

Believe it or not, the following can all fit into a tiny makeup bag. Most items are inexpensive and available at your standard drug store. Pack one for yourself and your fellow brides-to-be. A fully stocked kit makes a fantastic bridal shower gift!

A tiny mirror… small and portable so you can peek at your look

A handkerchief… for tears, of course

Bobby pins and a travel-sized bottle of hairspray… to keep that hairstyle in tact

A small comb… to smooth back flyaways

Lipstain… it lasts and won’t get on your teeth

Band-aids… clear ones, for the inevitable blisters

A Tide to Go pen… for unforeseen spills

Blotting papers…for shine-free photos

Dental floss… also necessary for those photos

An emory board… to smooth out rough parts on nails that snag delicate dresses

Krazy Glue… for shoe heels, clothing jewels or other adornments that come off

Extra pantyhose… in case of a run

Clear nail polish…in case there’s no time to change stockings

White chalk… to cover up marks on your gown

Topstick toupee tape… the best double-sided tape there is

Extra earring backs… hopefully, you’re wearing screw-ins, but just in case you’re not

A mini sewing kit… tiny scissors for loose threads, a needle and thread for mending and extra buttons because someone will lose one

Safety pins… a quick fix for rips

Travel-size perfume… to keep that great scent all day long

Mints… think of all those people you need to talk to

Eye drops… happy tears make for red eyes

Aspirin… for that annoying headache

Straws… so you stay hydrated without smearing your lipstick!

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