How to replicate Kate’s wedding hairstyle

How to replicate Kate’s wedding hairstyle

by Mimi Bullock, Yahoo! Contributor NetworkSat, Apr 30, 2011 4:56 PM GMT+00:00

Kate’s hair was down for her royal wedding in a style easy to replicate. (Getty Images/Chris Jackson)

The speculation and the royal ceremony are over! The world was amazed at the queenly ensemble worn by the newest member of the British royal family. Undoubtedly, the new Duchess of Cambridge will inspire brides for years to come with her feminine wedding style. You’ve seen the Sarah Burton dress; it’s a successful mix of renaissance style and Victorian simplicity. Young Kate looked like a queen from old with the four emblems of the UK dutifully included in her lace design work. To top off her heirloom halo-style crown, the lovely Kate took a semi-formal approach to her hair.

Hair speculators suggested she wear her long dark tresses pulled back neatly in a chignon or an elaborate pearled bun. None of that for Kate! Bucking formality she chose to wear her soft hair half up using her crown as a stylish accessory.

Think this hair look might work for you? Replicate Kate’s wedding hairstyle using these steps.

1. Part your hair slightly to the side. With a 2½ inch barreled curling iron softly curl the hair all over.

2. Avoid brushing the curls or they will lose their springy shape.

3. Pull a 3-inch swatch of hair back from above both the ears to the back of the head. Do not crunch or flatten the curls. The back of the crown should be lifted slightly.

4. Secure the hair back with bobby pins. The pins should not be visible at all and need to match the hair perfectly.

5. Place the circlet on your head. Push the combs located at the ends of the circlet into the hair near the pins.

6. Gather the curls at the back of the head adjust the wavy cascade neatly.

7. Use a curling iron to add more curl to the hair and then spray the curls lightly with hair spray.

8. Place the scarf style veil over your head after the hair spray has dried completely.

This is one of the simplest hairstyles yet seen on a British royal for her wedding day. Anyone can replicate Kate’s wedding hairstyle easily by herself or with the help of a faithful hair stylist. The key to getting the perfect wear all day look is keeping the circlet light and choosing one that has the necessary combs.

For a more involved look, you can ask your stylist to wrap your hair around a full circlet-style crown leaving a 3-inch wide section above the crown in the back. However, you choose to do it, you’ll look like a princess on your wedding day.


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