Wedding Ideas: Don’t be Afraid to DIY!

Wedding Ideas: Don’t be Afraid to DIY!

We’ve rounded up some great DIY tips and projects from industry experts. Add an element of yourself into your wedding decorations and planning with these DIY ideas!

Wedding Ideas: Don't be Afraid to DIY!Some brides are just crafty, and love doing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects for their wedding.  We talked with some industry experts to get some great DIY tips to give your wedding a personal touch.

GM: What’s an alternative to use instead of traditional ribbon?
Sharon Zimmerman – Naturally Ever After: If you’re a do-it-yourself bride, the jute cord really allows you to do a lot of different creative things, and you can put that on your wedding invitations, you can put that around your favors, you can tie on tags, you can tie on ribbons and bows to just about anything.  Jute cord is an alternative to ribbon that is more environmentally friendly and it comes in a variety of colors, so you use it just like ribbon, and just to decorate in general.

GM: How can you personalize shoes?

Darcy Miller – Martha Stewart Weddings: One way to personalize your shoes is to dye them a great color. There is nothing that says your shoes have to be white, obviously you can dye them to match your dress but they can be your something blue or they can be a surprising bright red. You can do something fun, and then there are also tons of other embellishments you can put on your shoes. You can find some vintage clip earrings, some inexpensive buttons, any kind of fun sparkle, feathers, and clip them to an affordable pair of shoes and all of a sudden they feel like a designer pair of shoes that would normally cost a lot more.

GM: What’s something special we can do for guests instead of traditional favors?
Cindy Zingerella – Engaging Events: I think a great do-it-yourself project for a bride would be in lieu of having a favor at the wedding, to put together a welcome box or bag for her guests that are coming in from out of town. I think it’s a great way to personalize and a nice DIY item.  There’s no time pressure, she can do them in advance, and they don’t have to be done the week of the wedding. She can take the time to shop around for what she wants to have in those welcome boxes, or baskets for her guests and really personalize it.

GM: How can I do my own makeup?
Anabelle LaGuardia – Makeup by Anabelle: Set up a consultation with a makeup artist who can give you a lesson along with a face chart that will plot everything out for you.  Bring a family member or friend, someone that can take notes, who’s good with makeup that can help you out the day of the wedding. Make sure you have all the products you need, and make sure it’s easy and understandable to follow. Take a polaroid of yourself after your lesson so you have that as well in addition to your face chart.

GM: What’s a great DIY project I can do with my bridesmaids?
Melissa Bigner – Charleston Weddings Magazine: Another thing that I’m seeing is do-it-yourself flowers, where you’re, instead of having a florist do everything you go to a local wholesaler, you buy up what they’ve got, and then you get your bridesmaids together, and you sort of have a bridesmaids luncheon that’s a flower gathering and bouquet making party.  Then those flowers are used in the ceremony and at the reception.


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  1. Check your local party goods or dollar store for balloons and blow them up yourself; helium is expensive and helium-filled balloons present an environmental hazard when they float away.

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