Whats Hot For Weddings In Jamaica!!!

While flowers will always be in lots of brides are finding unique ways to add uniqueness to their event and whats hot!!!!!

It’s all about linens this summer –  I really can’t stress this more. Gone are the days of poly tablecloths and overlays. Lots of brides are opting for pintuck linens, crushed taffeta, satin and velvet. Anything that was not the norm before brides are now requesting it.

Unique centerpiece containers and centerpieces – Brides are constantly looking for ways to make a statement and they want something that you don’t see all the time. Brides are also on a budget and don’t want to spend alot on flowers this year so they are looking for unique cost-effective centerpieces. They want containers of varying sizes and styles.


We will have pics shortly from weddings  done recently with arrangements done in the jar and the silver container above.

Also hot this summer is an understated colour palette we are seeing lots of whites and silver with just a few splashes of colour.

Accessories Accessories – Crystal and bling everywhere. From bags to shoes to hair accessories brides are using bling and diamond accents everywhere. Brides are also using unique pieces, curtains, trees, feather anything you can think of to make a statement.

Lighting Lighting Lighting – Its all about bringing in a designer that knows how to create the right ambiance and effect using lights. From submersible lights to having your monogram in lights, lighting is a key factor for any successful event.

Alternative Bouquets – Many modern brides are just not into a whole lot of flowers and are now asking for alternative bouquets. There are many options available. So another post on the blog for some suggestions.


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