Alternative Wedding Bouquet Options

A growing trend, brides are having specially-made brooch bouquets created in their wedding colors and then keeping them as heirloom pieces or works of art to display in their homes after the wedding.

A paper bouquet is a cheap alternative and can also double as reception decor.

Chic and unique, button bouquets to match your wedding colors and accents are a great alternative.

Fun and whimsical, pinwheel bouquets come in all shapes and colors and are often a great choice for your bridal party if you’re looking to cut your budget.

A simple twist and twirl of fabric results in a bright and colorful bouquet and demands attention.

Planning a seaside wedding? You can still play with your patterns and colors if you pick and choose seashells and other elements that coordinate with your overall theme.

Outdoorsy types will appreciate the natural simplicity of a pine corn bouquet with acorn accents.

Just like grandma used to make! This lovely crochet flower bouquet is the perfect vintage element for a retro-minded bride.

A chic and elegant alternative, feather bouquets run the gamut from exotic peacock feathers to regal ostrich plumes and flashy rooster tails.

Still considered an art form, this delicate origami bouquet is just one small example of how you can create beautiful faux flowers for half the cost of real ones.

65 Replies to “Alternative Wedding Bouquet Options”

  1. I love the fabric option! Especially appropriate if you have a winter wedding in an area where you are covered in snow.

    Another trends I’ve heard has been herb bouquets. Beautiful fragrences, and you could easily highlight dried herbs if necessary.

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