What You REALLY Need to Know Before You Buy Your Wedding Favors

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What You REALLY Need to Know Before You Buy Your Wedding Favors

Yes it’s your day in every way, but taking the extra steps ensure your guests leave with a smile is totally worth it.

What You REALLY Need to Know Before You Buy Your Wedding FavorsYour wedding is an expression of you and your groom. From the colors to the theme, it’s all about showing the world why you rock as a couple…or is it? Sure, you what every aspect to feel cohesive, but when it comes to wedding favors it should be all about your guests and less about what YOU like. 

Not sure how to separate the two? Here’s a “keepin’ it real” primer to get you off on the right track.

DON’T…overthink it. Even if you’re having a Zen-inspired wedding that doesn’t mean tea should be your first choice (unless of course all your guests drink it). Go with something simple or straightforward like cupcakes, a cool bottle opener, or even a chic candle that clearly shows that you understand one size does NOT fit all when it comes to guests likes, dislikes and the gifts they aspire to take home.

DO…stay within budget. Over and over again, we hear from brides about favors being left behind, lost or straight up trashed by the time the reception is over. If you want to gift everyone, that’s great — just set your MAX budget at $10-$15 per person and don’t waiver from that figure.

DON’T…assume everyone wants something with your name or photo plastered all over it. Monogram stickers, ribbon, favor bags, and the like are all fine or good, but leave it at that. A favor should be able to stand on it’s own and be used daily or for special occasions. You wouldn’t put your face on a birthday or anniversary present you bought for someone else so why should this gift be any different?

DO…take into considerations any small children that may be attending. If you’re going the mature route (like a mini bottle of wine of liquor-infused dessert) consider having special bags made for them so they feel included in the festivities.

DON’T…forget out-of-town travelers. Not everything is TSA-friendly, so try to ensure your favors meet FAA security regulations (no pocket knives or liquids over 3 ounces please!) and if they don’t, offer to ship them at your own expense so your guests can enjoy them once the return home. (After all, it’s a small price to pay considering someone spent a considerable amount of money just to see you walk down the aisle!)

DO…make it a point to have someone put your favors out right after you cut the cake. If your wedding is in the evening assume that older guests and those with small children will be leaving early to make their bedtimes or avoid heavy traffic.

Keep these tips in mind as you explore all your wedding favor options and measure them against your budget AND your own personal bridal inspirations.


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