5 Bridal Beauty Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Face these potential bridal beauty mishaps now, and you can avoid them later!

Let’s be honest, whether you’re a beginner with makeup or a seasoned beauty queen, all the stress of wedding planning can really throw off your beauty regimen. Worried about potential hair and makeup disasters? Here are five of the most common bridal beauty mistakes. Face them now and you can avoid them later!

Mistake: You trusted the new girl at the salon and now your hair is some funky shade of orange!

Avoid It: If at all possible, stick with your usual stylist for all coloring and DO NOT try any dramatic changes right before the wedding! If you don’t have a stylist yet, start looking ASAP! Ask friends and family members for recommendations. Got a wedding planner? Who’s better to ask than someone that’s been in the business for years and has seen plenty of haircuts and updos, good and bad?

Mistake:  You tried to shape your own eyebrows and now they’re too thin!

Avoid It: Well-shaped eyebrows can make your eyes appear larger and your face look slimmer, so whether it’s waxing, tweezing or threading, get your eyebrows shaped by a professional! Schedule your appointment four to six days before your wedding to make sure all the redness is gone.

Mistake: You didn’t want to spend the money on a trial run appointment, and now your makeup artist has you on eyeliner overload!

Avoid It: Face it – the extra cost of a trial run appointment is totally worth avoiding wedding day makeup stress and bad photos! If you’re really concerned about getting more bang for your buck, schedule your trial run for the day of your engagement photos! Don’t forget to ask the makeup artist for photos of previous work.

Mistake: You got a facial three days before your wedding, and now you’re breaking out!

Avoid It: Scheduling a facial so close to your wedding is extremely risky as they often cause redness and breakouts (ugh!) for a few days. Schedule your appointment for approximately two weeks before the big day. This will give any reactions or skin breakouts time to clear up.

Mistake: You tried using sunless tanner the day before your wedding and now your skin is streaky!

Avoid It: Let’s be honest, tanning in any way, shape or form right before the big day has potential to be a disaster. Sunless tanner can turn your skin orange and streaky; fake baking can leave you burned; and lying out by the pool causes awkward tan lines! If you’re really concerned about being too pale for the big day, try getting a professional spray tan days in advance. Definitely do a trial run or two to make sure you like how it looks!

— Marianne O. McGoldrick


Bridal Makeup: What You Should Know Before Your Wedding Day

Makeup artist LeAnne Sims dishes on appointment scheduling, touch-up items and more for your big day!

You’ve spent months preparing for your wedding and everything seems to be falling into place. You’ve booked your dream wedding and reception sites months ago, hired a wonderful photographer, your dress is to die for and the trial appointment with your favorite hair stylist went perfectly. There is only one important and often overlooked detail to go… Your makeup! We sat down with professional makeup artist LeAnne Sims to discuss 5 things every bride should know before their big day!

Consider booking a consultation with a makeup artist before the wedding. Leave it to a skilled professional to help you look your most beautiful. It is a good idea to bring examples of makeup looks that you like. Magazine tear sheets are a good resource. You should also bring photos of your dress. This will help the makeup artist get a better sense of your style, be it princess bride or bombshell bride. Ever want to try false lashes? A bolder lip? Now is the time to experiment so there are no surprises later. Even if you decide to do-it-yourself, it is a good idea to consult with a pro for tips and tricks of the trade. He or she can give you great advice and recommend additional tools and products while incorporating your tried and true favorites.

Be sure to purchase the items you will need for touch-ups. Unless you have hired a makeup artist for the whole day, you will need to refresh your makeup at some point. Most brides need a few key items for touching up. A good concealer for under the eye and spot touch-ups, a light, oil free pressed powder, blot papers, lipstick, and lip liner or gloss. Ask your maid of honor or another trusted friend to have your products on hand for when you need them.

Schedule your makeup appointment for after your hair appointment. Scheduling your makeup after your hair can prevent you from accidentally ruining your makeup. There is nothing like getting a tendril of hair stuck in newly mascaraed lashes as your stylist takes out your hot rollers. Or worse, getting lip gloss caught in your veil while you make adjustments.

Use a moisturizer without sunscreen on your wedding day, or ask a professional for a recommendation. This may be the only time when you are advised to skip the sunscreen. Certain sunscreens contain minerals and chemicals that give off a “chalky” or “grey” cast when photographed. Ever see a photo of someone with their face looking paler than their neck? Chances are sunscreen is the culprit. Your photographer knows how to edit your more formal photos, but what about all of the candid shots taken by family and friends? You will want to look beautiful in their photos too!

Allow and extra 15 minutes between your hair and makeup appointments: Your wedding day is full of excitement and often full of interruptions. Even with the best intentions, someone somewhere is running late. Your phone might be ringing non-stop with friends and family members wishing you well. Makeup is usually the final detail before you step into your dress and put on your jewelry. Why rush it? By allowing an extra 15 minutes you are giving yourself an extra cushion of time so that you can relax and enjoy your final preparations before you take a trip down the aisle.

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Indoor Vs. Outdoor Wedding: The Pros and Cons

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Wedding: The Pros and Cons

Thinking about exchanging your vows in the great outdoors or contemplating an indoor affair complete with personalized decor? Before you sign on the dotted line you better weigh these positives and negatives first.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Wedding: The Pros and ConsHaving the perfect wedding is no easy feat considering the number of variables you need to take into consideration before you book with a venue. Whether it’s inside or outdoors, you can’t make any assumptions without taking the time to weigh the pros and cons.

Indoor Wedding

PRO: You’re in a Controlled Environment
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow is gonna derail your day. As a matter of fact, you can pretty much assume your guests will enjoy the comfort and security of knowing you vows will go off without a hitch since they’ll be protected from the elements.

CON: There Could Be Rules on Space and Decor
Your wedding vision could be slightly marred by the fact that your decor might need to be minimized to meet the rules of the establishment (as is the case with most religious institutions, museums, and historical landmarks). Check with your event planner or wedding vendor to find out what stays and what goes BEFORE you sign a contract. Also, not all your guest might fit the maximum capacity, so it’s important to weigh what’s more important: A killer space or the fact your extended family and friends might not be able to attend.

PRO: 2-in-1 Packages
Many indoor event spaces have the ability to double as both your ceremony and reception venue. This could save you big – especially if you’re thinking about having your space cater your event too (since it gives you leverage to negotiate for a lower price OR additional add-ons like your wedding cake, free valet parking, etc.).

CON: Higher Demand During the Holiday Periods

Good luck trying to find an indoor space last minute in December. Given the high demand for banquet rooms for office parties and other events in December, indoor wedding spaces are usually at a premium and harder to come by if you put off booking it in advance (we suggest 6-9 months out just to play it safe).

Outdoor Weddings

PRO: Little Decor Necessary
Pretty flowers, rolling hills, elegant gardens, and greenery aplenty — a scenic outdoor ceremony doesn’t require a lot of flourish to make it spectacular.  As a matter of fact, decorating for your ceremony is a definite no-brainer when you book your wedding at someplace like a garden, beach, park, etc.

CON: Lighting Limitations
A pretty ceremony spot doesn’t automatically equate into a picture-perfect affair. Depending on the time of day, shadows and overhanging trees and brush could make your wedding a challenge for your photographer and videographer. Keep in mind it’s always a good idea to take your vendors for a walk-thru beforehand (or at the very least ASK them for suggestions before you drop money on a deposit).

PRO: More Family Friendly
Keeping a toddler or a 10-year-old engaged and occupied is much more easier to do outside than it is in a restricted indoor space that might not be very child-friendly. From blowing bubbles to hula hoop and kite lessons for the kiddies, ALL your guests will have a great time when Mother Nature plays host on your wedding day.

CON: The Weather (‘Nuff Said)
While we’d all love crystal ball, the simple fact of the matter is having a wedding outside is a gamble. You just can’t anticipate rain, high winds, or a sweltering heat wave when planning something up to a year in advance. If you’re worried about any of these things ruining your perfect day, maybe it’s time to think about scoring a tent, heater, fans or a venue that offers an indoor space that can accommodate guests if inclement weather does strike.

Colour Combo

We at Helen G Events are really loving baby blue with chocolate with touches of ivory. We did a wedding last weekend and it looked divine.

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