5 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Flowers

Is your wedding flower budget blooming into a full-on financial disaster? keep your budget in check with these handy tips

5 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Flowers

Buying flowers for your wedding day can be a daunting task — between floral availability, package deals, and figuring out exactly WHAT you need, it can turn into a huge headache of you’re not clear on how you can save in the long-term. Need help before you hit the florist?
Here’s five ways you can keep on budget:
1. Always Go by Region and Season
Choose your flowers based on where your wedding is being held, which season it is, and what blooms are immediately available and don’t require any major shipping costs. The farther you have to go to get the perfect flowers the more it will cost you when it comes to your overall flower budget.
2. Pick Big Buds
Large flowers like peonies, daisies, and sunflowers will take up more room and don’t require multiple types of plants to fill up your ceremony or reception space. Also consider more budget-friendly alternatives like ivy, leaves, thistle and pussy willows as filler for bouquets, boutonnieres, and your table top.
3. Opt for a Pretty Outdoor Venue
If you’re getting married outside the rainy season think about a ceremony space that comes with built in floral details (i.e. a park, garden, or historical spot). Spending less money on your ceremony flowers means you can spend MORE on other important areas like your honeymoon or your reception.
4. Think Simple and Chic
Not every space requires a huge amount of decorative extras. Some of the prettiest floral arrangements are the simplest ones; a lone purple orchid floating in a clear glass votive with up-lighting underneath, a burst of tulips potted in an antique can, or even a large apothecary jar filled with moss, succulents, and rocks all make a spectacular statement.
5. Consider Wholesale Alternatives
Many local flower shops will allow you to come in person or place orders online for bulk flowers. Admittedly not everyone is talented enough to create their own bouquet, but this does allow for simple-yet-stylish add-ons. Large vases of magnolia blossoms decorating your aisle runner look lovely, while simple birch branches suspended by fishing wire (and decorated with little lanterns) throughout your reception space look elegant and modern without too much effort.

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  1. Give your florist a general style and color scheme, and any “banned” flowers that you hate, but generally allow them flexibility so they can use what is in season and cheapest. There are some times when peonies cost a fortune, and other times when they are so cheap you can fill your hall with them. Make sure this flexibility will be reflected in your final price tag.

  2. Carnations are one of the cheapest flowers out there. But when they are used in abundance so that the blooms are packed together, they can be quite striking. Consider a low square table centerpiece of 20 carnation blooms with all of their stems and greenery removed.

  3. More and more brides these days are arranging their own flowers such as bouquets of simple roses tied with a ribbon. Four or five pillar candles on top of rose petals makes an easy and cheap centerpiece. One can also easily create a centerpiece using wide shallow bowls filled with water and several floating gerber daisy blooms. If making boutonnieres and corsages intimidates you, these are generally inexpensive to order from a florist.

  4. the idea of small vessels, packed abundantly with one type of flower per container, to make a lavish statement. For added texture and glamour, use votives or tapers, spaced at intervals between the flowers.

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