3 DIY Wedding Favors

Stay within your wedding budget with these adorable and easy-to-make DIY favors!

Are you looking to cut wedding costs without cutting corners? Try making your own wedding favors! Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be creating a personalized touch that shows your guests just how thankful you are that they could share in the joy of your big day. Not sure where to start? We’ve made it easy with these three adorable, yet easy-to-make, DIY favors!


1. S’mores in a Jar

These delicious favors will make a great late-night snack for your wedding guests! Just try not to eat too many as you’re making them 😉


Materials: Golden Grahams cereal, miniature marshmallows, chocolate chips, mason jars, thicker ribbon (matching your color scheme)


Instructions: Fill up your mason jar a third of the way with Golden Grahams cereal, another third of the way with miniature marshmallows, then top it off with chocolate chips. Close the jar and tie a nice big bow around it using the ribbon. Your guests will definitely be wanting s’more of these s’mores!



2. Miniature Succulent Favors

Eco-friendly and easy to make, these miniature succulent favors can double as place cards saving you time AND money (love that)!


Materials: miniature succulents, potting soil, small mason jars, ribbon, place cards


Instructions: Place a miniature succulent into a mason jar and add potting soil until the jar is full. Thread ribbon through a place card (you can easily print names and table numbers on cardstock, cut them out with enough room on top for ribbon holes, and punch a hole in each top corner of the card) and tie it around the jar.  Now you’ve got yourself some fabulous green wedding favors and reception décor!



3. “The Perfect Blend” Coffee Bags

Are you a total java addict? Then you’re going to absolutely love these coffee bean favor bags (which, by the way, are super cheap)!


Materials: mini burlap bags (sold on Etsy), coffee (try a wholesales store like Costco), free printable labels from Intimate Weddings, double-sided tape


Instructions: Place coffee beans in a burlap bag until full. Draw the burlap bag closed and wrap your label (try printing on caramel cardstock for a nice look) around the bag and secure with the double-sided tape. Your guests will definitely appreciate this adorable and practical favor!


— Marianne O. McGoldrick




19 Replies to “3 DIY Wedding Favors”

  1. cake pops are in too – they are little balls of cake and frosting mixed together and dipped in another layer of frosting. They’re usually decorated with sprinkles, colored sugar or candy.

  2. a very cost effective option is a thank you DVD – before the wedding make a short video of the couple thanking everyone who was there to support you. Have some fun with this project — maybe write a little song or poem, or even put on a short skit

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