Destination Weddings – Things We Love

For persons having a wedding in another country we love love when brides and grooms incorporate little elements from that country into their wedding. See below for some ideas:

1.  For welcome bags or wedding favours include little momento’s such as coffee, spices, spa items etc.  from the country you are having your wedding not only will your guests enjoy it but it helps support the local economy

2. Have your guests try some local cuisine. Try and include at least one item  on the menu from that country. Not only will it make interesting conversation but its something different for your guests to experience.

3. One of my all time faves. A few years ago I had a client who really wanted to incorporate Jamaica into her wedding and in Jamaica a fruit cake/rum cake/ black cake is a must at any wedding. So she ordered it for her wedding cake and they loved it. She came back for her anniversary a year later and I had to have some made and sent to her hotel. 

4.  We at Helen G Events love love brides and grooms that are charitable. Alot of times destination weddings are held in locations where the economy is not so great. So I love when clients take an hour out and give a small gift donation to a local school or children’s home. It’s always always appreciated.

5. Have your guest experience apart of the country they are visiting by arranging a tour of some sort. Instead of just staying at your hotel the entire time arrange a tour for your guests so that they can have some great experiences as for many of them this is their yearly vacation.

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  1. Big up to the wonderful destination wedding photographers that we have that do wonderful work, like Devon Shaw, Merric Cousely, Courtney Chen and others to just name a few,

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