Helen G Events 2011- 2012 Wedding Floral Trends and Tips

We can’t deny that when we think of weddings many people think only of the flowers and decor. Below are some trends and tips to help you achieve the look you want.

1. Runaway to Reception – Bright colours are in this year and nothing makes a bolder statement than injecting a powerful pop of colour into your wedding day details. Fuchsia is a great choice.

2. For something new and exciting why not try a rose wedding cake filled with that pop of colour



3.1920’s decadence is still in. From Flapper style dress to Mary Jane Shoes and art deco accessories you can give your wedding day a terrific 20’s twist

4. Ever tried using sugar flower as your centerpieces


4. For an elegant yet modern celebration opt for a classic finishing touches teamed with boldly coloured florals.

5. Another trend is unusual centerpiece container from old tin cups, to vintage glass bottle and containers with unusual shapes, these will add the perfect charm to your table

6. Getting blooms if you are on a budget can be done by keeping it simple. Your bouquet is photgraphed alot so spend money there. If you want to save on your arrangements give bridesmaids wrist corsages. For centerpieces think flowers that are cheap and readily available but choose bold colours as any bloom no matter how cheap looks great in a bold shade of colour. Ever heard of gypsophila (it means everlasting love), its cheap and look lovely as a bouquet on its own.


7. Pomanders are always beautiful and they can be done cost effectively by using carnations in bold colours


8. On a personal note I love alstros (altroemerias) in bold colours and guess what its very very cost effective



Calligraphed Cakes

A great idea is adding your fave verse, words, expressions of love to each other on the tiers of your wedding


What to Know When Selecting a Bar for Your Wedding

April Dorsey of The D-Tales has the 411 on what you need to know when selecting a bar for your wedding reception!

Most couples want to ensure their guests have a great experience and a TON of fun at their wedding. I would say that 80% of my brides (ok, so maybe it is the groom who has more say in this area!) think that the bar is one of the important areas, but are a bit shocked at the price. The first thing you need to remember: wedding bar vendors/venues are not out to gouge you!

Let’s talk about this for a few minutes. I want you to consider the last Saturday night you had out with friends.  A night of dinner drinks and dancing makes for a great night and lots of fun. Now, I want you to think about how much your bar bill was…. I would bet it was an easy 40 dollars for the night!

Before you decide on what type of bar you want at your reception you must consider two things. First, what is your personal preference? I am sure you can reflect on other receptions and consider what you did and did not like about them. Second, you must consider your budget.  Do not be swayed by what other people have done or what “should” be done. (But if someone in your family INSISTS on a certain type that is out of your budget, tell ‘em to cough up the difference!)

Now let’s think about the wedding bar:

  • Average pricing for a 4 hour open bar is approximately $30-40 per guest.
  • Most bar options will require a bartenders fee usually around $100 per bar. (This may be built in to the cost or may require an additional fee.)
  • It’s safe to estimate that the crowd will consume one drink per person per hour (and they will leave an average of one at the table that will sit and eventually be cleared by the service staff).
During your planning session with the venue or bartending service can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. Doing your homework in advance will save you time, money and stress! There are different types of bars are available for your reception.

Open Bar:

  • Open bars are prepaid by you or the host. 
  • This allows your guests to drink for the entire wedding at no cost to them. 
  • No matter how much your guests drink, you will have only paid one flat cost.
  • PRO: Any guest (if they are of legal age) can get almost any type of drink that they want.                 
  • CON: You may have to pay a lot of cash in order to ensure that everything that your guests could ever want is included.

Consumption Bar:

  • This bar is designed for the wedding with a mixed crowd of drinkers. 
  • You are paying per drink, or what guests consume.
  • PRO: This allows your guests to drink at the wedding at no cost to them.
  • CON: You won’t know your bar bill until the tab is calculated at the end of the evening.
  • CON: Guests will still leave their drinks at the table when they get up to dance, so there will be wasted drinks (that you are paying for).

Cash Bar:

  • Cash bars are no cost to you or the host. 
  • Your guests will have to purchase any beverage on their own.
  • PRO: You don’t have to budget anything for the bar.
  • CON: Your guests may not have money with them.
  • CON: You need to let your guests know in advance, if possible.
  • CON: You might appear to be “cheap” to your guests.

Additional options to maximize your bar:

  • You can have an open bar during cocktail hour. In other words, the bar is only open during a specified time throughout the reception.
  • Close the bar during dinner and offer your guests wine.  You can then open the bar again when the reception fun gets underway.
  • Have the wait staff serve drinks. This can help you control the amount of drinks that are served, which in turn can save you money.
  • Offer a signature drink for cocktail hour, wine with dinner and then a fully open bar when the reception starts.

Now on to the TYPE of alcohol being served at your bar:

  • Well Brands: If you just ask for vodka and cranberry, or any type of liquor, you get what is called a “well,” or basically the least expensive stuff.
  • Call Brands: When you actually call the name brand of the liquor (e.g.: Smirnoff and cranberry juice).
  • Premium Brands: Refer to a higher quality of Call brands  (e.g. Grey Goose and cranberry juice).\

Consider discussing your options with your venue, how it fits into your budget and what you think is the best option for your wedding day.

As Always, I am here to answer any questions you may have, so don’t be shy about sending me an email!

By: April Dorsey, The D-Tales