Beach Weddings In Jamaica

Most destination brides come to Jamaica for that perfect beach wedding but be carefully, there are some do’s and dont’s and it’s not always sunny in paradise. Please check the following:

1. Do I have a feasible back up plan if it rains.

2. Is it high tide or low for the month that I am having my wedding? High tide can seriously affect how much beach space you will have and for how long.

3. It can get very windy at times will I be comfortable if it windy? It best to select a dress and hairstyle that can survive windy conditions.

4. If  you are having your ceremony on the beach as how far will my guests have to walk to get the reception area. After walking around in the sand and sitting in the sun guests can be tired and dehydrated so some refreshments on the beach would be a good idea.

5. If have a large group please please get a PA system so guests can actually hear what it taking place

6. Please please select a dress and shoes that are appropriate for a beach wedding. Wrong dress choices can look and feel horrendous on your big day.


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