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Saw this article from Austin Wedding Blog which has some really great unique wedding ideas. Check it out:

Wedding Cake Toppers

Couples are now spending more and more time making sure that they have the absolutely perfect cake topper. Whether is grandma’s topper from her wedding cake or getting one designed,  cake toppers have now taken an important role when it comes to planning that perfect wedding day.  Below are some cake topper ideas:

From http://www.getmarried .com

Add personalization to your wedding decor with wedding Cake Toppers!

Wedding Cake Trend: Cake Toppers
Cake topper ideas

If you’ve just got to have the traditional bride and groom topper on the highest tier of your cake, you’re not alone. Lots of brides and grooms with a taste for the personal or the quirky are looking back to the old couple-on-the-cake idea but this time they’re adding a new and sometimes hilarious twist.

Below are some we found on  the internet:

Monograms are very popular

Photo cake topper is also a great choice

Quirky and Funny cake toppers are always a big hit

Glossary Of Engagement Ring Cuts

Browse the Martha Stewart Glossary of engagement ring cuts:


Yellow & More Yellow

I am a big big yellow fan and I just love love yellow roses. I am really loving this palette from the perfect palette:

A Palette of Dusty Aqua, Yellow, Light Yellow + White

See more yellow palettes from The Perfect Palette

A Palette of Orange, Yellow, Shades of Gray + White

Orange + Yellow

Shades of Orange, Yellow, Ivory + White

Wedding Directory Coming Soon

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Jamaica Wedding Vendors

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Why Hire A Wedding Planner??

Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. A wedding is one of the most important times in a man and woman’s life. It can also be one of the most stressful. It does not have to be. Every bride and groom knows deep in their hearts exactly what they want. The vision of what you imagine your special day to be, what you dream it to be is right in front of you.  It just takes the resources, guidance, expertise and dedication of a seasoned professional to make your vision come to life. Below are a few reasons why hiring a wedding planner could be one of the best decisions you make when planning for your wedding:

1. Saves Money – You may think that you cannot afford a wedding planner, but you can.  A wedding planner since it is not an extra expense if you consider the planning part of your wedding budget. Your wedding planner will even be able to save you money by suggesting the appropriate vendors that will provide professional services to accommodate your budget. A good wedding planner will almost always pay for itself. It is a fact that clients experience 10%-30% overall savings when a planner is involved in negotiating wedding vendors. Wedding planners get discounts from wedding vendors that you don’t have access to and sometimes these are significant. They can also call in favors from vendors if you are really on a budget or may have resources that you alone may not have access to.

2. Saves Time – A wedding planner has endless resources at their fingertips of only the finest, most reliable vendors in the industry and the most spectacular locations. The success of every wedding depends greatly on the team of professionals chosen to bring it all to life. A planner can guide you quickly and efficiently to exactly what you are looking for and save you much time and energy in the process.  

 3. No Stress – Why worry about all the little details when someone else can? A wedding planner helps to create a healthy atmosphere for the start of your marriage and honeymoon. Having wedding planner who will be dealing directly with all the stress, doing all the leg work and handling any crisis that may arise leaves time for you to relax and pamper yourself and enjoy your wedding. It allows you to start your honeymoon stress free and with vigour.

 4. Acts as the “Go to Person” – Having someone there for you that you trust and have complete confidence in to guide you throughout the planning process and the execution of your wedding day is priceless. Having someone there as your voice on your wedding day is essential to the success of the day and also to keep your sanity intact. The average wedding has at least 15 different vendors.  Combine that with the entire wedding party and all of the guests and that is a lot of people with questions and concerns!  By hiring a wedding planner, couples can simply tell others “talk to the wedding planner!”

 5. Saves Relationships – Since your wedding planner is an independent party, he or she, may often mediate disagreements when you are caught between family disputes and friendly disagreements.

6.  Handles Important Wedding Related Activities – A planner orchestrates from rehearsal through the end of reception – Do you want to be responsible for organizing rehearsal or making sure the bridal party is properly lined up?  How about planning the rehearsal dinner? How about making sure that the guest who had a little too much to drink departs safely?  Wedding planners orchestrate from rehearsal through the end of the reception, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch!

 7. Handles crisis – Whether we like it or not, most big events involve crisis.  Who really wants to deal on their wedding day with the bakery not delivering the cake on time or the flower girl throwing a tantrum?  No one!  Wedding planners know how to handle all unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes and this happens alot, a relative or friend was supposed to provide or donate something for the wedding, come wedding day, they are a no-show, a wedding planner will know where to source that element and quickly.

 8. Creates schedules – There are so many events leading up to the big day!  Couple that with the many things that happen during the wedding and who can keep track?  The wedding planner can!  Wedding planners are well-versed at making detailed itineraries for all involved (including other vendors) and making sure that everything happens on time!

When you hire a wedding planner you know that you are buying quality, service, knowledge, professionalism, creativity, guidance, leg work, a stress reliever, an etiquette expert and a personal assistant and friend. What could be better than that for the most important day of your life? At the end of the day you will be happy just knowing that you were smart enough to hire a wedding planner!


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