Hotel Wedding Package Cake vs Cake From An Outside Vendor

I have had to write about this. If your wedding cake is as important to you as mine was please read.

I have been seeing this alot and its now has to be mentioned. After my own wedding cake disaster from a hotel wedding package where I actually paid for an upgrade as I wanted a particular design and where it was not edible, my decorator had to add actual roses so the cake so it wouldn’t look so bad (there were no roses in the design) and actually place the cake on her own glass container and where I had to request a refund and actually reorder cakes to give to family and friends and after witnessing disaster upon disaster over the years I am now compelled to speak. Please note this was not a cheap hotel this was a top of the line 5 star hotel.

When you purchase a hotel package, I am really not sure if they don’t care but I think the cake is a box cake and most times it’s not edible. Further there are some hotels that don’t even have a cake stand and its embarrassing. I actually loaned a hotel one of our stands and it disappeared and we were told it was gone and they could not find it and it reappeared a few months later at a wedding where I did only the decor. I have had to rescue many a wedding cake. Also unless you are willing to pay for an upgrade you cannot get the flavor or design that you want. So whatever you get it’s what you get.

Whereas when you order a cake from an actual off site vendor you stand a better chance of knowing who is actually doing your cake, you can select your own flavors and design and also get a proper cake table design.

I have noticed that some hotels do not like working with off site vendors but if an outside vendor was not there alot of the times the linens, cakes and decor that would have been presented to a client would be embarrassing. I wont even touch on the recycled flowers today. But the hotels need to step up.

If your wedding cake is important to you pay close attention to what you are actually purchasing.



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