Wedding Cake Toppers

Couples are now spending more and more time making sure that they have the absolutely perfect cake topper. Whether is grandma’s topper from her wedding cake or getting one designed,  cake toppers have now taken an important role when it comes to planning that perfect wedding day.  Below are some cake topper ideas:

From http://www.getmarried .com

Add personalization to your wedding decor with wedding Cake Toppers!

Wedding Cake Trend: Cake Toppers
Cake topper ideas

If you’ve just got to have the traditional bride and groom topper on the highest tier of your cake, you’re not alone. Lots of brides and grooms with a taste for the personal or the quirky are looking back to the old couple-on-the-cake idea but this time they’re adding a new and sometimes hilarious twist.

Below are some we found on  the internet:

Monograms are very popular

Photo cake topper is also a great choice

Quirky and Funny cake toppers are always a big hit

42 Replies to “Wedding Cake Toppers”

  1. Cute and unique….the trend i am seeing now are edible toppers, made from sugar…persons going for roses, bows, replicas of the bride and groom, things/activities reflecting their passion for eg. a keyboard, music.

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