Beach Wedding Inspired Wedding Gowns

So often we see brides arrive for their beach wedding in dresses that are totally inappropriate for the water and sand.  So we decided to scour the internet to see what experts takes were on dresses that were appropriate for a destination wedding and more specifically beach weddings. Please click the links below and see images of some of our faves for your beach wedding in Jamaica:


Sone links we liked are:


Author: Helen G Events

We are wedding and event planners in Jamaica.

76 thoughts on “Beach Wedding Inspired Wedding Gowns”

  1. Hello Friend, I am Thomas Wilson i really like your ideas which you have write on above blog related the wedding Dress that when u plan your wedding most brides arrive for their that are totally inappropriate for the water and sand. Also that you shown some great images of beach wedding gowns for beach wedding. So it will very helpful for every wedding planner.

  2. Having a beach wedding is just the most dreamy and romantic setting for your big day. And there are plenty of reasons for rejecting a regular church ceremony for that sandy white beach under your toes. But how much will it cost and can you make sure your family and friends will be able to afford to go?

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