2012 Jamaica Wedding Trends

So far at Helen G Events for wedding in Jamaica I love what I am seeing this year. I am a big supporter of any bride or couple that wants to get involved in the local culture and want to experience the real Jamaica.  I was a little disappointed when one bride switched her search to a different country as her parents didn’t feel safe. Maybe the real reason maybe not. But as a country we do try our endeavor best to protect our visitors and I think no country is 100% full proof safe as with anything take the necessary precautions.

All that said alot of brides this year are requesting off site weddings. Meaning even though they are staying at all inclusive resorts they want to experience an authentic Jamaican wedding and I love love that. It not only makes for a great experience for you and your guests but it also contributes to our local economy.

Another trend we see developing is that some couples want to donate to a local school or children’s home. Love that.

Alot of destination brides are also requesting authentic Jamaican food or want to incorporate something Jamaican in their wedding ceremony. No matter where the couple is from they request this.

Another trend is couple are now actually planning a total Jamaica experience for their guest. They are now actually putting effort into hosting their guest. Couples are planning activities such as zip lining and various excursions for guests to partake in.

Another trend for even local brides is that our traditional fruit cake or black cake is a no no. Most brides are now requesting different cake flavors. I am a black cake lover and this is a staple for any Jamaican weddings so this is a surprise to me. But the younger generation is tending away from this Jamaican wedding staple.

Not much flowers. That’s all I hear. I am not into flowers. That’s the request. Couples want alternatives. They prefer to spend money in other areas than on flowers or they want new new ideas.

All in all couples are doing what makes them happy and I love that.