Are You Turning Into A Bridezilla?? Here are 13 Signs

Weddings can be stressful.  You want everything to be perfect, and most brides like to call the shots when it comes to their special day. But if your friends are quitting the bridal party and you and your parent and or fiance are arguing constantly you need to take a step back. You have officially entered bridezilla territory.

Some people think that Bridezillas only exist on the TV. We sit back, and watch these ladies act extremely crazy on the day that is supposed to be about becoming one with the love of their lives, and who they will spend the rest of their lives with; but not these ladies. They nitpick everything from the way their dress fit and hair looks to the reception and the food choices and quality. Bridezillas are about driving people crazy and usually act like a total bitch even to their loved ones. Some even lose life-long friends because they are so caught up in trying to be perfect. But what about the Bridezillas in your neighborhood, or even in your family? What about you? Would you be willing to risk everything? Just to have a “perfect” day. Are you willing to lose friends even if they make a simple mistake

We’ve compiled a list of 13 signs that you’re turning into a bridezilla. If any of these are at all applicable to you, or they sound like something you’d consider doing, re-evaluate your priorities. Wedding planning should be fun, after all.

1. You are spending your parents into the poorhouse

2.  You are angry all the time

3. The pictures must be perfect. No imperfections, no fat, pregnant persons allowed

4. Your bridal party have quit on you.

5.  Its wedding wedding 24 hours of the day. You don’t have time for anyone or anything else

6. No one is taking your calls

7. You are issuing clothing requirements and rules

8. Your wedding registry totals more than a house costs

9. Your guest list has 10 people on it

10. You have a vision and you are sticking to it no matter what

11. You won’t allow your fiancé to have a bachelor party.

12. You stop being friends with someone because they can’t make it to your bridal party and they didn’t get you a gift.

13. Your fiancé is reconsidering marrying you.

All you have to do is follow these steps closely to be the best Bridezilla you can be, but if you are normal person that cares about the friends and family gathered around you on your special day, then here are ten signs to avoid before you become a Bridezilla.

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