Pros and Cons of a Morning Wedding

The debate continues. Time and time again I see many couples debate over whether to have a morning wedding or an evening wedding. Below are some factors many couples consider:

Pro: Morning weddings are budget friendly: If you are on a serious budget a morning wedding may just be for you. Reason being the major cost factors for many weddings are cheaper in the morning. For example the food and drink will are less costly. For example a morning wedding menu offers more breakfast or luncheon type options such as ackee and saltfish and bammy or Johnny cakes, liver and boiled bananas or a light chicken and beef or pork meal. Also many person do not drink before 12:00pm so your drink bill is way way less.

Con: Morning weddings are quieter and less formal. For morning weddings dresses are short and less formal. Men wear suits instead of tuxes.  Also for some brides and grooms they want a serious party after all the wedding planning and saving for a wedding and with a morning wedding you don’t get this.

Pro: Morning weddings end early. If you are not a night owl, or plan to head out on your honeymoon trip early the day after the wedding, you might be very happy to have a reception that ends by the late afternoon. It also allows you plenty of time for a romantic wedding night, which is something than can be compromised when the bride and groom are drinking and dancing into the wee hours following an evening wedding.

Con: Morning weddings start early –  If you are not a morning person this can be a serious no no for you. You will have t get up and get dressed early in the morning. When weddings start later in the day you have time to relax, get dressed and have some fun.

Pro: Will Accommodate guests who have to travel: On the other hand if you have guests traveling for more than 2 hours if a morning wedding is timed well this will allow your guests to be able to travel to your wedding and get back home relatively safely during the day and not late at night or incur the expense of having to stay at a hotel for your wedding.

Con: If not timed properly you can have grouchy wedding guests:  If timed too early in the morning your guests may be getting up at 4:00am to attend your wedding and they can be tired a grouchy when they get there. Also if you have guests flying in the day before the wedding they may not be too thrilled after a long flight to be getting up so early.

I am sure there are many other reasons or pros and  cons of a morning wedding out there but above are the major factors many couples that we meet with debate. So what do you think? Morning or evening wedding?


85 Replies to “Pros and Cons of a Morning Wedding”

  1. You know how people say, “Oh, but no one will dance and drink at a morning wedding”? This is a lie. If you dance and drink, everyone else will dance and drink too. (though David pointed out if that IS true for you, you’ll save money on drinks. Excellent.)

  2. Afterwards. The strange thing is that when people voice concern about morning weddings, they normally ask you, “Well, what did you do afterwards?” Here is the scoop. Afterwards is *the best part.*

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