Jamaica Wedding Trend: Late Night Snacks

Clients who want to party until the wee hours in the morning or until mid night are now requesting late night snacks. When you’re dressed in black tie it may sound outrageous to serve jerk chicken and bread or hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches but late night snacks are a big hit with wedding guests.
Here are some ideas that we have served:
Jerk Chicken & Hardough Bread
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Cocktail Patties
Pigs in a blanket
Below is a wedding dinner menu where we did a late night meal:

Hors d’oeuvres:
Miniature Fruit Kebabs
Plantain Wrapped in Bacon
Mini Crab Cakes with spicy pineapple dip
Vegetable Crudites

Mixed Green Salad

Jerk Chicken with honey-glaze sauce
Fillet of Snapper in Citrus Basil Butter

Herb Roasted Potatoes
Panache of Steamed Vegetables


Wedding Cake

Late Night Snack:

Bar-b-fried Chicken Bits

Smoky Chipotle and white bean dip with pita crisps

Saltfish Salsa with crackers


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