DIY Guestbook – A Storyline Guestbook


This is a fun and entertaining guestbook alternative and guess what its cheap.  Its similar to our seating cards hung on a line that we posted earlier that was used by one of our brides (pic above). You will need the following items:

White Card Stock / Cuts of fabric so u can create a quilt


Different color pens

Cord or twine

3 containers

a table


1. Cut card stock or fabric into little squares

2. Hand a line at your wedding reception with twine or some sort of cord

3. Place  3 containers to hold cards or fabric, pens and clothespins on a table

4. Post a sign instructing guests to write on the cards a funny story about you, your spouse or about you as a couple

This will be a hit at any wedding and you can create your own quilt with the fabric  or hang a large frame with the cards and laugh or cry at the stories told.


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