Grooms Cakes

Grooms Cakes???? I just don’t get it.

Ok I have only had a few requests for grooms cakes from local clients which never materialized. It has been discussed but a Jamaican bride has just not done one. I am yet to do a wedding with a grooms cake  But it seems to be a trend that’s catching on as more and more persons are asking if we do grooms cakes. Is a groom cake really necessary? I have spent the last few hours looking and grooms cakes and I am yet to figure out why spend money on it. Ok, you want the groom to feel special but isn’t there other ways of doing so? Why spend money and detract from the main cake? Can’t we just buy the groom something special. Just wondering.

All in all though I think it’s a sweet gesture but something I think I would personally do without.  But if you want to do it go right ahead he will love it!!!!


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