Samsung and Usain Bolt Foundation Event

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Great Project – We helped put this event together by providing location search services for the event as well as production assistants, decor rentals and catering for all the days of the workshop.

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Early Jamaica Wedding Trends for 2014

Wow 2013 has been great and continues to be great for weddings in Jamaica. For 2014 what have clients been requesting:

1. The chandelier trend continues. Its more and more chandeliers. I can’t get enough of it either and have added some to our rental collection

2. Requests for modern decor, architectural lines and elements are now being requested for our 2014 events.

3. More ghost chairs please

4. More and more request continues for us to find more and more unusual linens and table top centerpieces

5. Beach weddings and more beach weddings for 2014 in Jamaica.

6. More and more persons are moving away from traditional ceremony and reception settings and doing things differently and we at Helen G Events just love it!!!

Wedding Planning & Floral Classes

Wedding Planning and Floral classes will start in August for Kingston. Registration begins on Monday and will close on Friday July 19, 2013. Please email us at for your registration form or call us at 876 541-7772 for more details.

Uprofessional Conduct

I had a great weekend with my clients. They were happy. As a wedding planner my primary job is to ensure that come wedding day all that they requested is done and I take this job very very seriously. I was also the decorator and florist for this event so even more so. I Helen Graham behaved unprofessionally on Saturday at Half Moon as I had to behave in a manner not becoming to get my clients wishes done. If you know me personally I am always a professional. Why did I do this?? My client requested a particular style of draping its something that is done by all decorators and we have never had a problem with any tent vendor doing this but on this particular occasion Cover Me Up Tents from Montego Bay who was booked directly by Half Moon without having a discussion with me to say look we don’t want xyz started cutting down our work. Nothing said to me. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. If there is a problem come to the planners, management etc. and say something. I have never ever done this in my 10 years of operating Helen G Events but I emphatically state that I will never ever work with Cover Me Up Tents from Montego Bay ever again and if any clients require that as part of doing my job I will decline that job or request my usual tent vendors (Mr. Norman Jackson from Runaway Bay, Tents & Events from Sav or Tent City) because my wedding set up that day will be in jeopardy.

As a wedding professional what the client wants goes and we do whatever it takes to make that happen safely and without damage to property and none of this was at risk. So after I had to behave unprofessionally at Half Moon which I guess I am now blacklisted from, what my client wanted was adhered to and everyone including the clients were happy with the end result.

Please note the client was in no way was affected by this as they had no idea what was going on. This is one of the main reasons why you hire a wedding planner.