Budget Friendly Wedding Decor Tips

“Budget friendly doesn’t have to be ugly. We do budget friendly beautifully” – Helen G Events. Many brides today are on a budget and want to get the most for their wedding decor budget. I love going to weddings that have been beautifully decorated and that leaves wedding guests with a lasting impression. A pretty wedding luckily does not have to cost a lot.

Over the years we have done quite a few budget friendly weddings and wedding decor and I have shared quite a few tips on this blog. I would like to share a few of our budget friendly wedding decor pieces as well as a few budget friendly wedding decor tips:

Have you ever heard the saying less is more? When it comes to wedding decorating, less tends to be more. Additionally you can save money by being creative and keeping it simple. You don’t have to use a ton of flowers to make an impact and create a beautiful piece. Sometimes a single bloom says it all and guess what its cost effective too.



For these pieces for this brides wedding decor I used no flowers at all. We used the sand which was free around us a few candles, shells, gems, water pearls and had the sand box made which was also cost effective. All the materials combined was very low cost and budget friendly.

Bimage image image

Purple Haze is what I call this piece. Sometimes using cheaper blooms in bold colors can make a big impact. We added in just a few roses to make the piece look expensive.


Again less is more. We did this small wedding decor piece with just a few flowers but added petals and decorated the container for impact. This wedding centerpiece was done in less than 15 minutes.


Using great containers can make a world of difference with just a few blooms, candles and mirrors for this wedding decor is just simply beautiful

image imageimage


For this wedding decor piece below I mixed artificial with real for a real budget friendly but expensive looking centerpieces



image image



Who says you have to spend a ton of money on head tables pieces. By reusing bridal party flowers and adding a few candles your head table can be budget friendly, beautiful and picture worthy too.



We used these glasses found at a local store with just a few blooms for a high impact but budget friendly wedding centerpiece

image image

For wedding decor on a budget just keep it simple and use lots of candles and bright bold colors.


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