DIY Wedding Toilet Paper Roll Bling Napkin Rings

Blinged out wedding napkin ring idea

photophoto (1) photo (1)

So I saw online the idea of making wedding napkin rings from toilet paper rolls so I decided to try with my own personal style. I love bling and I also love natural fabrics.

So below are the instructions for this wedding napkin ring as shown above:
photo (7)

1. I first got my items together. You will need a glue gun, 1 1/2 inch rhinestone ribbon, toilet paper roll, scissors and 11/2 inch ribbon. You can choose whatever color satin ribbon you want to use. I chose mine based on the wedding colors.

photo (6)

2. I then wrapped the ribbon around the roll to see how much I would need to wrap the roll and then cut both the satin and rhinestone ribbon based on that. Each roll is different so I didnt put measurements. You will need to try based on your roll.

photo (5)

3. I also then cut the tissue paper roll based on the ribbon size which is about 1 1/2 inch. For my roll I only got two rings.

photo (3)

4. I then wrapped the roll with the satin ribbon using my glue gun to adhere it to the roll and then I wrapped the rhinestone ribbon on top of the satin ribbon and then used my glue gun to hold it in place.

photo (1)

There you have it. It took let than 5 minutes and trust me its the first time I am trying this wedding napkin ring idea. I love it. What do you think?

For another DIY wedding napkin ring idea visit


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