How To Get a Marriage License in Jamaica?

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We get asked this question alot? I am getting married in Jamaica how do I apply for my marriage license?  To get married in Jamaica you need what is called a Ministers License. This is a License granted by the Minister of Justice giving authority to a Marriage Officer to marry a couple, in Jamaica, in keeping with the Marriage Act.

The applicant is required to:-

  1. Have a Declaration Form completed by a person (Declarant) who has knowledge of the impending marriage and signed by the Declarant in the presence of a Justice of the Peace in Jamaica. The Declarant can be a friend or family member. (declaration forms are available at the Customer Service Desk, Ministry of Justice,  2nd Floor, NCB Towers (South), 2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica or can be downloaded here ).
    • Please note that on the Declaration Form:
      • ‘Names in full’ mean first, middle, and last name.
      • ‘Condition’ means bachelor/ spinster/divorced/widow/widower.
      • ‘Calling’ means occupation
      • ‘Dwelling places’ and’ parishes’ mean local address and parish of both parties. If either of the parties is residing abroad, twenty-four (24) hours residence in the Island is required at which time a local address can be used.
  2. Collect a blank Minister’s Marriage Licence form, at the Customer Service Desk, Ministry of Justice, 2nd Floor NCB Towers (South), 2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica. (This form is not available on line nor is it mailed out)
  3. Then make a stamp duty payment  of Four Thousand Jamaican dollars ( JA $4,000.00) at the Stamp Duty Office located at 111 Harbour Street, Kingston, Jamaica, where the blank Marriage Licence Form will be stamped after payment.
  4. Return both the stamped Minister’s Marriage Licence form and the  completed Declaration Form to the Ministry of Justice along with the following supporting documents for both parties:
    • Passport or Driver’s Licence
    • Birth Certificate.
    • Final Divorce Decree/Decree Absolute (where applicable).
    • Death Certificate (where applicable).
    • Certified documents supporting any change of name (where applicable).
    • If you under eighteen years of age, a Letter of Consent is required from your legal Parent/Guardian signed in the presence of and certified by a Justice of the Peace.
  5. Once the documents are found to be satisfactory the Licence will be issued.

Please note the following:

  1. All documents presented must be in English. If originals are in another language they should be translated by certified translators whose certifications of authenticity should be attached.
  2. There is a three (3) hour same day processing time for Walk-in Applicants.
  3. Persons living abroad who plan to get married in Jamaica are required to be in the island at least 24 hours before the marriage ceremony (except for cruise ship passengers).

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