Peacock Feathers in Wedding Decor

I did a post a few years ago Peacock Feathers All The Rage and at that time we were getting alot of requests to incorporate peacock feathers in wedding decor. Guess what, a few years later and we are still getting alot of requests to incorporate peacock feathers into our clients wedding decor.

There is a certain fascination with the Peacock. Understandably its a gorgeous creature and thus wanting is incorporate something so fascinating and beautiful into ones wedding is only natural.

Below is one way in which one of our clients with our help incorporated the peacock feathers and its colors into her destination wedding in Jamaica:

We used blue colored water for the wedding centerpiece containers to replicate the peacock’s blue color


We also used blue in the lighting for the wedding reception as well as on some of the linens on the tables


Feathers were incorporated in the ceremony pews as well as on the menu cards


The colors of the peacock were incorporated in all the table pieces and wedding accessories



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