Trident Castle Wedding

Fairytales do come through and for this client Trident Castle in the beautiful parish of Portland was the place for her dream wedding to be realized. The Trident Castle in Jamaica is a place for a Fantasy Wedding of your dreams. The Castle is overlooking the Caribbean sea and is one of the largest and most glamorous homes in the Caribbean on 17 seaside acres.

​Below are pictures from this fabulous Fairy Tale Wedding at Trident Castle in Port Antonio Jamaica:

img_6854 img_6855 img_6856 img_6857 img_6859 img_6860 img_6861 img_6862 img_6863 img_6864 img_6865 img_6866 img_6869 img_6870 img_6871 img_6872 img_6873 img_6874 img_6875 img_6876 img_6877 img_6878 img_6879 img_6880 img_6881 img_6882 img_6884 img_6885 img_6886 img_6887 img_6888 img_6889 img_6890 img_6891 img_6892

Wedding flowers and decor by Helen G Events. We can be contacted via email at or visit our website at


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