Wedding Cake Alternatives

More and more many of our brides are requesting wedding cake alternatives for their wedding in Jamaica.  Many brides now are just not that into cake, below are a few wedding cake alternative that we love for destination weddings in Jamaica:

1. Cupcakes are a safe wedding cake alternative and many wedding guests love getting their own personal wedding mini cake

2. Cake Shooters – Great wedding cake alternative. These little cake shooters are a great way to have the traditional taste of cake at your reception without the traditional wedding cake!

3. Cookies, Milk and Milkshakes


4.  The good old Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding. Love ittttt as an alternative wedding cake idea. Great for those Jamaican born destination wedding guests that have not been home in a while.

5.  Cheesecake. Please note you can have different tiers also

6. Chocolate Covered Strawberries – We’re loving the tower of chocolate covered strawberries this fun-loving couple served at their reception!

7. Donuts – Donuts as a wedding cake alternative??? Yes that’s what we said. Donouts make a nice selection as an alternative wedding cake .

8. Brownies

9. Truffles


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