Wedding Decor in Jamaica

Remember the days a crepe paper and balloons at weddings. I remember sitting up many nights folding crepe paper. Those days are long gone. As wedding decorators and wedding planners in Jamaica at Helen G Decor and Helen G Events we have seen wedding decor evolve over the years. Brides have become more sophisticated, educated and informed about what they want for their wedding decor for their wedding in Jamaica. This has been a major shift.

No longer does any bride want the same old thing that she saw done some many times at other weddings. Every bride now wants their wedding and wedding decor to be unique and an experience to remember. I actually love this. As planners, florists and decorators in Jamaica the main aim is to give clients what they want and that unique experience for their wedding and if they come already armed with pictures, magazines and books its helps.

Even when looking at our own portfolio we see the shift and change and how wedding decor in Jamaica has evolved. Even as florists in Jamaica we see clients making more informed decision re the type of flowers they prefer and brides know exactly what they want.

There is a saying that says you have to know where you are coming from to know where you are going. Below are pictures of some of my fave wedding bouquets and wedding decor we have done over the years for weddings in Jamaica:

all white rose bouquetSeating389467_10150493901438532_224934708531_8453232_1244391076_n(2)CN-0003DSC_0008328076_10150476613518532_224934708531_8399077_1922506686_o219837_10150195665778532_224934708531_6881101_8205222_oJamaica Destination WeddingJamaica Tropical CenterpieceBirds of paradise and ginger liliy wedding centerpiece311711_10152174062923532_1208561324_nDSC_0910DSC_0844IMG_5723eefc197c2d387f5f11c97c3805c4ead51097993_10152818339398532_1407610289_n557728_10152296215973532_1976996030_n391231_10152138990248532_1104385420_n971302_10152743089243532_2077881026_n196061_10152049504463532_1567047404_n14942_10153686405048532_7858606336031660075_n1536493_10153670735208532_2627540698735053527_n10415666_10153545746063532_5661018250785539325_n10606088_10153687187123532_9039127664030461079_n10629657_10153687187353532_5632804954999644600_n 10392427_10153687188468532_895890151489138860_n10015636_10153687189408532_7406146150801050464_n10502494_10153687189868532_8788528205784097207_n10603798_10153687190683532_8685641909511700667_n10629780_10153687190948532_8869822313970685495_n1900016_10153687191148532_7649503919511717111_n10612906_10153687191313532_9213360658027509057_n1609965_10153687192353532_6771706197068951802_n10544332_10153687192513532_5237361050292935034_n13624_10153687192833532_7020007849231211872_n1899891_10153687192963532_963742198285364226_n10511121_10153687193088532_596276216017737433_n10612624_10153734138008532_830117989576386891_n10409295_10153734178668532_527159369122280072_n10659200_10153738155543532_271377119212679597_n10646707_10153733643783532_305029756634283099_n


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