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What Is The Best Month To Get Married In Jamaica?

We get asked this question a lot and honestly I don’t have any one month but below are some factors to consider when trying to decide which month to get married in Jamaica:

1. May to mid June we usually get a lot of rain in Jamaica and we do mean heavy rain

2. July and August are extremely hot months

3. The hurricane season runs from August to October. So during these months be careful of tropical storms or hurricanes.

4. Winter season is from December 15 to April 15 and usually hotel, villa and airfare is usually more expensive

5. In Jamaica we experience cooler temperatures November to February with little rainy weather

6. Between April 15 to December 15th villas, hotels and airfare is usually cheaper

You have to look at the pro and cons of a particular period and discover what’s the best month for you. Everyone will come up with a different answer.


Why Get Married In Jamaica

We found the article below from The Knot and thought we would share it

Why Here?

The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica offers much more than just sparkling beaches and turquoise water. It also evokes the melodies of Bob Marley, the fragrance of jerk chicken, and the glamour of James Bond — Ian Fleming wrote the first James Bond book, “Casino Royale,” from his seaside home here. Jamaica is also home to many of the Caribbean’s best all-inclusive resorts.

What to Know

  • Avoid school vacations in February, March, and April when resorts can be full of young kids.
  • If resorts aren’t your thing, consider bringing a small wedding party to a private villa, where you’ll have your own housekeeping staff, chef and security guard.
  • Jamaica is much larger than people think (nearly 4500 square miles, roughly the size of Connecticut) and each resort has a different feel, but the best regions for romantic resorts are Negril, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios.
  • The perception that Jamaica is dangerous is overblown, but to abate fears most of the large Jamaican resorts have tight security and are nestled behind iron gates.

Marriage Requirements

Residency requirements: None
Necessary documents: Certified copies of birth certificates that include father’s name; proof of divorce or death certificate of former spouse/s (if applicable)
Note: Application must be made in advance of trip by calling the Ministry of National Security at (876) 906-4908. There is a fee for the license and stamp duty.

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Destination Wedding Packing List

We love this destination wedding packing checklist from The Knot. Please click this link to print a copy for yourself packlist

Tips For Hosting You Destination Wedding Guests


Welcome Guests To Your Destination – When they get to your location, they’ll want a cold beverage after experiencing the tropical heat and a few moments to refresh and recharge. Have the hotel staff greet everyone with a drink, and leave a handwritten note in each room that says something along the lines of, “Welcome to Jamaica. Jamaica No Problem! We look forward to seeing you soon.” 

And while welcome bags aren’t a must do, they’re a thoughtful way to give guests their bearings and a feel for the country. Fave items for welcome bags are local items such as rum, coffee, sweets and souvenirs. Other items you can include sunblock and mosquito repellant. As a personal touch, include a local guidebook and map.

Be Considerate of Guests: You more than likely arrived a  day or two before your guests and you are ready to get things going but keep your welcome gathering casual since guests might be jet-lagged. A laid-back cocktail party or informal dinner eases people into vacation mode and encourages conversations. This is also the best time for all your loved ones to meet one another before a more formal event, like your ceremony.

Arrange some group activities: The key is to entertain your guests without overwhelming them. Take them to experience some popular sites or sample some local cuisine. Include everyone: Keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable in a swimsuit, and your elderly relatives may not be up for alot. Guests should be able to have fun whether they’re participating or just observing from a distance. Ideal activities are those that are easy and don’t leave anybody behind. Leaving hiking, river rafting etc. for your personal trips or for trips with close close friends.

Allow guests time off from your schedule: Yes, your friends and family are there to enjoy your wedding, but it’s also their vacation. To make sure they get the chance to hang out by the pool or explore Jamaica independently limit activities to one a day (nothing before 9:30 a.m.), and avoid anything too long or too far away. For those who will be staying close to the hotel let them know where they can find one another in your welcome packet or via the concierge. Hotels also provide welcome packets of daily activities they can participate in. Last, don’t schedule anything for the wedding day because you want them to save their energy for later!

End With A Bang: Saying goodbye is never easy (especially after a wonderful wedding weekend!), but there are ways to make it better. Brunch is one option. If you go that route, keep it informal and let people drop in anytime between 10 a.m. and noon so they can sleep in and pack.

Another luxurious alternative? Treating your attendees to breakfast in bed. You can have items such as pastries, fruit bowls, coffee-filled French presses, and local papers delivered to rooms for bleary-eyed guests to enjoy at their leisure.

Finally, travel hassles risk tainting guests’ memory of the trip. To smooth their departure as much as possible, organize shuttle buses to bring them to the airport, suggests Hanlin, or prepare a box lunch for the flight so everyone feels pampered on the way home

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