DIY Centerpieces

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Below are some black and white themed DIY centerpieces we did this week. Please note all these centerpieces can be easily done, you don’t need to be a florist to do the centerpieces shown.

Also all the items shown are available for rent from us and the water pearls or beads shown for these DIY centerpieces are available for sale from us:


IMG_2262 IMG_2267 IMG_2271


Jamaica Welcome Bag Items

This week we did a welcome bag for a client getting married at Half Moon Rock Resorts in Jamaica. Welcome bags are now being requested by almost every destination wedding bride we can think of.

The Jamaican themed welcome bags contained the following items:

Jamaican Rum Cake

Personalized Jamaican Rum

Jamaica Water Bottle

Banana Chips

Insect Spray in cute little bottles

Jamaican Jerk Sauce

See pictures of the welcome bags we did below:

IMG_3025 IMG_3027IMG_3025

2014-04-20 22.45.132014-04-20 22.37.19

2014-04-20 22.33.41

2014-04-21 22.33.58 (1)

To order welcome bags for your wedding or event in Jamaica you can call us at 876-541-7772 / 718-880-4067 or email us at


Jamaica Wedding Welcome Bags

photo 3 (2)

Welcome to 2014!!! This is our first post for 2014 and I find discussing welcome bags only fitting. Welcome bags for your Jamaica destination wedding guests are a great idea for the following reasons:

1. Since you won’t be able to greet all your guests as they arrive or check in at the hotel a welcome bag (or basket) is a good way to welcome them to Jamaica and also to touch base with them letting them know that you care and are thinking of them.

2. For destination weddings to Jamaica welcome bags (or baskets) with Jamaican goodies welcoming guests to the destination you chose for your wedding shows them that you care and want them to be comfortable.

3. A welcome bag (or basket) is also a good way of sharing important information re Jamaica and the wedding itself. Its also a good way to share important contact information.

With welcome bags (or baskets) for your wedding guests you can always put what ever items you want and personalize it for your wedding guests and what they will need. Please note you can choose a basket or bags to hold the items you want to share with your wedding guests.

photo 4 (2) 1233635_10152901204618532_709221811_n1175218_10152901199093532_213305106_ndownload

Here are a few ideas and tips of what you can put into the welcome bags or baskets for your destination wedding guests:

  1. A Welcome letter, telling guests how happy you are that they made the trip to be with you
  2. Jamaican snacks
  3. A map of Jamaica or map of the resort or area where they will be staying
  4. Post cards of Jamaica
  5. Souvenirs such as keys rings, shot glasses, jerk sauce, rum etc. There are alot of things to choose from.
  6. Information on tours and excursions along with prices that are available in Jamaica
  7. The items you choose for your wedding welcome bag or basket will be based on your personal taste, budget and sometimes by your wedding theme. They should also be non perishable. 
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Jamaican Flip Flops
  10. Personalized Jamaican towels
  11. Jamaican T-Shirts
  12. Mosquito or Bug Spray

Again choosing items made in Jamaica brings in some authenticity to your Jamaican wedding and give your guests the opportunity to experience the real Jamaica.

Please note that you can order welcome bags or baskets for your wedding in Jamaica from us. Also if you also need ideas for wedding favors for your Jamaican wedding click here

Jamaican Wedding Favors

Jamaican wedding favors have come a long long way. I remember going to weddings and all I got was candy wrapped in a mesh or net or even the days of the music cd. If you are having a destination wedding in Jamaica there is now a large selection of Jamaican made items you can use as wedding favors for your wedding guests.

Below are a few Jamaican wedding favor ideas that we love for weddings in Jamaica and have used for our destination weddings in Jamaica:

1. Personalized bottles of Jamaican Rum

2014-04-20 22.45.13

2. Personalized bottle of Jamaican Jam. There are a number of flavors such a sorrel, guava pineapple, pineapple coconut etc.

Jamaican JamJamaican Jam

3. Personalized bottles of Jamaican Brew

Jamaican Brew

4. Personalized Bottles of pure Jamaican Honey

Jamaican Honey

5. Personalized Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

6. Personalized Jamaican made chocolate. Perfect for wedding favors for your Jamaican destination wedding.


7. Personalized Jamaican made scented candles. These will serve your wedding guests well in the weeks and months after your wedding in Jamaica.

west-105Painted 2.5oz

We encourage our Jamaican brides and anyone getting in Jamaican to make their Jamaican destination wedding as authentic as possible and one of the ways of doing so is by incorporating items actually made in Jamaica. You can order these personalized items through us for your wedding in Jamaica by contact us at /876-541-7772/ 876-847-1967/ 718-880-4067

DIY Napkin Rings For Your Wedding Reception Tables


At Helen G Events for weddings in Jamaica we love DIY wedding projects and we love dressing a wedding reception table. There is nothing more attractive at a wedding reception than a well dressed guest table.

I decided to try making DIY napkin rings for a wedding reception on Saturday in Jamaica to fit in with the overall wedding reception theme and decor. This is a surprise for our bride. I hope she likes it as she has no idea about this and I hope she isn’t reading this :)


For this DIY wedding reception napkin ring all you will need is 1.5 inch or 1 inch satin ribbon in whatver color you choose, scissors, glue gun and diamond or rhinestone ribbon. I had a 2 inch gold diamond ribbon and I just cut it to fit the size I wanted on the ribbon.

You should follow the following 4 steps:

  1. All you do is cut about 4 inches from your ribbon roll.
  2. Wrap the cut ribbon around the napkin to form a ring
  3. Secure the ribbon with your glue gun
  4. Cut and glue onto the front of the now formed napin ring the diamond ribbon

Its that simple and it looks great and cost much less than a regular ring of this quality and now you have a great looking napkin ring for your destination wedding reception decor and wedding reception guest tables.

Let me know what you think. Do you like it?

Unique Save The Date Ideas For Your Jamaican Destination Wedding

Are you having a destination wedding in Jamaica? Are you sending save the dates? Want to be stylish and make a good first impression with your wedding guests. Check out these save the date ideas which are sure to impress:

1. Ok I just this save the date made from cardboard in the shape of a plane so so cute. Great thing that I love about this that it was made in Jamaica

Plane Save The Date

2. Save the date refrigerator magnets. Your guests will never forget your wedding date. It will have your names and wedding dates. Your fave engagement picture can also be placed on them.

save the date From perfectday1

Loved this from magnetstreet:


3. Save the date video. So cool. You can send a video message to your guests letting them know details about your wedding location and the event itself. Here are a few examples below:

4. For your Jamaica wedding you can send Jamaican post cards as your save the date card. You can even get post cards that show the area where you will be getting married. You can source these from Helen G Events.

5. Save the date photo strips. They are so hot right now. This is like a photo collage of funny pictures or cute pictures of you both with your wedding date etc. included. Please see examples below:

Found this on agiftfulheart


Found this on very cute


6. Save the date calendars.  You can’t miss with a calendar, calendars are fun and useful for your guests.

I saw this on kiweddings so so cool