Booking Your Wedding Venue In Jamaica

At Helen G Events, if you are getting married in Jamaica we suggest to those who are not opposed to having their wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue to try and book at a venue where you can stay at as well as host your wedding and rehearsal dinner, why?  A good wedding planner will be able to negotiate better discounts with that property for you as you will be bringing alot more business to them. They will not only be accommodating you and your guests which in itself is enough if you are booking over 10 rooms but also catering your event.

At Helen G Events we do offer a location search service, where we help brides find the right location for their destination wedding in Jamaica .  Its also cuts down on the cost of having to fly to Jamaica to find a venue as we send pictures to you of all locations recommeded. You only fly in if its a must for you. But for brides on a budget this helps to eliminate that cost.


Wedding Venues in Jamaica

Jamaica is noted for its beauty and its white sandy beaches but this year the trend from many destination brides to our island has been to stay away from ceremonies and receptions on the beach. No sand between the toes for many.

This year we have noted an increased request for luxury villas with sea or mountain views and garden settings with a view of creating a tropical laid back reception. I call it tropical chic. Most brides are going with the venue they love and working with the limitations if any of that venue.

Brides are doing it my way and are not letting tradition dictate how they see their special day.

Hot Requested Colours For 2010

This year we have been receiving alot of requests for weddings in purple, fuschia and tropical colours such as yellow and coral.

We are really loving the purple right now . We did a sample table setting with it and its looking fabulous.

Some persons are keeping it muted and going with an all white or ivory theme.

At Helen G Events we have our ear to the ground and we are one of the top planners in Jamaica so I will keep you posted on the hot trends for those getting married in Jamaica this year.

Weddings In Jamaica

At Helen G Events we advise that when getting married in Jamaica during December book your location at least 8 months in advance as alot of the venues islandwide cater to corporate functions during this period.

Our Jamaica Destination Wedding Blog

We are wedding and event planners in Jamaica. Our aim through this destination wedding blog is to provide  destination brides and persons getting married in Jamaica with as much information as possible to assist them. We know there is alot of information out there but we are based in Jamaica and have years of experience so who best to turn to.  We are the top wedding blog in Jamaica and we hope to be one of the best wedding blogs out there. We welcome questions and comments.