Our Top Wedding Budget Tips


Do not spend another dollar of your wedding money until you read this. Wedding budgets and sticking to a budge is serious business. It can ruin your entire wedding experience as possibly damage the relationship between you and your future husband as well as the relationship between both families. Below are some wedding budget tips we have found can be useful that can assist you in managing your wedding budget:

Wedding Budget Tip #1 – Create a wedding budget and stick to it

Wedding Budget Tip # 2 – Cut the guest list

Wedding Budget Tip # 3 – Choose a wedding date during off peak seasons

Wedding Budget Tip # 4 – Use Fresh Flowers Sparingly. Check out our 8 Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

Wedding Budget Tip # 5 –  DIY Projects can save money. Check out our DIY Wedding Projects

Wedding Budget Tip # 6 – Find a venue that will let you bring your own food and bar

Wedding Budget Tip # 7 – Choose a simple cake design

Jamaica Wedding Cake

Wedding Budget Tip # 8 – Do what feel right for you and not just what people expects

Wedding Budget Tip # 9 – Choose a naturally beautiful location


Wedding Budget Tip #10 – Consider getting food from a local restaurant instead of from a caterer

Wedding Budget Tip #11 – Prioritize. Make a list of what’s important to you about your day

Wedding Budget Tip # 12 – Recruit talented family members and friends to help

Wedding Budget Tip #13 – Beg, borrow but don’t steal

Wedding Budget Tip # 14 – Hunt for affordable décor items

Wedding Budget Tip #15 – Upgrade things you have around your house to use as wedding decor. For example if you have nice small blooming plants at home these can be repotted in nice containers and used as centerpieces.

We will be adding more wedding budget tips to this list each week so come back and read this post each week.