Types of Wedding Cake & Flavors Preferred

We did a poll on our facebook page yesterday re which wedding cake flavors persons preferred, and still the traditional fruit cake or black cake is still a main stay at any Jamaican wedding. It was closely followed by the Black Forest cake and others preferred red velvet and a cheese cake. However no matter what other flavors or types of cakes preferred a fruit cake was a must for each person on one of the tiers of their wedding cake.

The wedding cake above was done by Helen G Events and of course despite other flavors on two of the tiers, fruit cake was on the bottom tier.

For  persons that are not Jamaican however various flavors are requested. I have had only one client over the years who didn’t know what the fruit cake was but wanted to try it and selected it for her wedding. The cake below which was done for one of our clients is covered with butter-creme (which is not traditional because of the heat) and the tiers are various flavors.

Cupcakes for weddings are still a popular request by many of our clients. Below are two samples of what we have done:



38 Replies to “Types of Wedding Cake & Flavors Preferred”

  1. I have been told that when discussing your wedding cake, you must take with you a picture of your wedding dress, sample of the bridesmaid dress material and smple of your wedding color scheme

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